Cool Gel – Analgesic Cryotherapy Gel – 500ml

£19.99 exl. Vat

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COOL GEL 500ml is a natural local analgesic substance in gel form. It begins working immediately in the areas where it is applied, offering instant pain relief. It includes a feeling of freshness and has a pleasant scent. It does not leave any stains and it is friendly to the body.

It stimulates local blood circulation and it is suitable for reducing muscle tension even before the appearance of an inflammation. Hence, it is more than suitable for individuals with neck and wrist pains incurred from working on the computer, the office, in physiotherapy etc.

COOL GEL must be massaged on the affected area 3-4 times a day.

Instant Relief for:

Neck and Back pains

Joint and muscle pains



Tendinitis & Epicondylitis

Inflamations & Edemas