Solace Kneeling Chair with Mesh Back – BP1442 Mesh Kit

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Solace Kneeling Chair with Mesh Back  – Ergonomic Chair Designed to Help Relieve Back Pain and Improve Posture – Office Chairs for Bad Backs


IMPROVES POSTURE – unlike traditional office chairs, this ergonomic kneeling chair promotes good posture by distributing your weight across the body, easing the hips forward and aligning the back, shoulder and neck

HELPS RELIEVE BACK PAIN – by keeping the spine in proper alignment, the likelihood and recurrence of a bad back is reduced allowing you to sit and work in comfort, the BP1442 come with BP1448 Mesh Back section for added support.

BUILDS CORE STRENGTH WHILE YOU SIT– the seated position of this ergonomic office chair engages your core muscles, which in time strengthens your back

LONG LASTING STYLE AND COMFORT – the Solace Kneeling Chair features a robust black steel frame with ultra comfortable polyurethane foam seat and knee cushions covered with a durable yet stylish black fabric

QUICKLY AND EASILY ADAPTS TO YOUR HEIGHT – the Solace Kneeling Chair features a gas lift height lever to ensure the greatest support for you



The Solace Kneeling Chair with Mesh Back from Jobri is a simple yet effective way to help manage your back pain.

This ergonomic chair is designed to ease discomfort and pain associated with sitting for prolonged periods of time by providing more room for the hips, which are directly connected to the muscles of the lower back. This allows the spine and hip muscles to expand as opposed to tighten, thus providing pain relief and helping reduce the recurrence of back problems.

Without the distraction of the pain associated with your bad back, you can now sit and work in comfort, feel better and focus with a clear head.



The Solace Kneeling Chair comes with a free 5-year warranty on all components except fabric, which has a 2-year warranty.